Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jentzen always writes his "z" backwards in his name.  I think it's the cutest.  It somehow just fits him.  It makes me smile.  I should probably correct him, and I will.  Just not today :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

This is a conversation between Jentzen and myself during Math.  Or is it me?  Or is it I?  Or is it Me and Jentzen?  I'm not sure because we were doing Math, not Grammar, and it's been way to many years since I have learned the proper usage....I'll be relearning that right along with my kids whenever we get to that lesson.  Okay, back to Math class....

The problem:  x + 4 = 9 

Jentzen wrote 13.  We haven't gotten to adding anything over 10 yet...I gave him some props for getting it kind of right.  I'm choosing to believe that he just knew it and didn't use his fingers.  If I didn't see it with my own two eyes, my reality is what ever I want it to be...and it's Friday...everyone needs a little pick me up on Friday.

Me:  "Jentzen, if the problem was 4+9 you would have it right...but that's not what it's asking is it?

J:  "No, I guess not."

Me:  "They want to know what number plus 4 = 9.  You can go get your math blocks if you....."

J:  (while being silent and rolling his eyes all around then interrupting)  "5!!"

Me:  "Great job!!  How did you figure that out?"  (Everyone has their own ways of figuring math problems out and it's always interesting to me how it's done so many different ways, all to get the same answer.)

J:  "Mom do you hear this?"

(staring at me in complete silence.)

Me:  "No, was I supposed to hear something?"

J:  "I was counting in my mouth!!!"

Phew!  I thought I had a finger counter to deal with!