Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We have kind of a long driveway...and it's Nathan's job to take the garbage to the bottom. So this is how he does it. Yep arm out the window hanging on to one....and the other hooked on the hitch!

That's how we do it in America!!! Wouldn't want to over do it in the exercise category!! And to our Aussie friends and might laugh now but when it's -40 might think Nathan is a pretty intelligent guy!!

I showed this pic to Quaid....

Me: "What were you doing??"

Q: (giggling) "I was tired so I was just sleeping."

Me: "Why were you doing that?"

Q: "I was so tired, I was just sleeping on my nose!"

The tomatoes we (aka Deb) grew from seed :) The real way!!
I'm pretty sure this is a bean? It looked a little different than the weeds around it.
Sweet Corn....ooohhhh YUM!
Super Snappy Sugar Snap Peas
Potatoes...notice they are nice a weeded...had to get a pic of it...this may be the only time they look this good!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One of my absolute favorite things to do (besides playing cards with my hubby which I got to do...TWICE this weekend at the cabin, it was Memorial Day so we were there from Friday-Monday hence the no that was a long interjection....) is watching Nathan with the kids. I sat and watched him walk the kids all the way down the driveway to go take a look at grandpa's tractor in the field. I could sit and watch him play with the kids for hours. They love him so much and ALWAYS prefer him over me when he's home. Especially Jentzen who will run past me and shove me out of the way just to get to him! Even Keira will just stare at him whenever he's cute!! We love our daddy!!!

So an update to our garden... We finally got it planted. It was kind of a funny story how it all came about. We had set a date...May 16th. This was planting day. It had been on the calendar for a month or so. The morning finally came. It was supposed to be a bit chilly. I never watch the news or look at the weather so I didn't really know what that meant. Deb called up about 9am.

D: "It's supposed to frost tomorrow morning."

K: "So? The seeds are in the ground, it won't matter."

D: "Ok, I'll be over then."

I knew it was cold so I put on my sweatshirt and coat and hat. We got our seeds and out we went. As we trudge out...the wind hits us and our bare hands. Without a word to eachother we reach the edge of the garden. The wind is REALLY blowing...and it was COLD!

D: (a silent glance)

K: (the same silent glance back)

D: "It's cold out here."

K: "Yeah really cold.....what's is supposed to be like tomorrow?"

D: "Warmer and sunny."

K: "You busy tomorrow?"

D: "Nope, you?"

K "Nope, tomorrow it is!!"

D: "Good idea, let's go in and play cards instead."

And just like that back in the house we went and that was the end of gardening!

And what a good decision that was. When I got back in the house I found out it was 41 with a 31 degree windchill (when there's a wind chill factor in May, that's just wrong!). Sunday was sunny and 70. Yeah, so glad we waited.

Doesn't it look good??? We LOVE it...and can't wait till the little buds start coming up!

She is growing up. She rolls over. She laughs when I tickle her. She can eat her feet. She fusses when she wants me to look her and laughs at me when she wins. Keira is growing up. She has a tooth.....and Ava was the first one to notice!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My oldest Quaid, had his birthday on the 14th. 5 years old!! There is something about the number 5. It somehow seems way bigger than 4. It's one whole hand of fingers...1 step close to having to use two hands to show how old you are. 4 seems so little, 5 seems so grown up. Quaid is definitely not little anymore. It's amazing to see how much changes between 4 and 5. Lucky me always gets to have a comparison for each year. So I look at Ava and then at Quaid just 1 year older...what a difference. Quaid is so much more self controlled, focused, aware, reasonable, and opinionated. You can really just sit and talk with Quaid, he can participate in real conversations. And then I look at Jentzen just two years younger and the change again...amazing.

It's unbelieveable that I have a Kindergartener this year. I knew it would always come but it's always seemed so far off. I am homeschooling so that is comforting to know that he is of school age but he will still be with me. The thought of sending him to school all day, 5 days a week just seems like so much. He still seems so little to be gone from 7:30am until 3:30pm! Not yet, not this year. We have gotten our school room some what set up and he's exited about having a room dedicated to that. Hopefully that will make school time a little more serious and focused.

Quaid is a delightful big boy (not little anymore!!) He is very tender and helpful and likes to take care of his siblings. He still loves to give me kisses and cuddles and loves to help dad in the garage. I can't wait to watch him grow up and can't wait to see his already great qualities mature. We love you Quaid!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So it finally happened. One of those moments as a parent that you know will come but the time and place are unknown. But no matter what it is and where it happens, you will be sure to never forget it.

So what happened you ask?? The moment when my child made me want to crawl in a hole and stay there for awhile....

A couple we know from town came out to drop their car off to have Nathan do some work on it. The gentleman came to the door...the kids know him so they started talking to happened...

J: "Do you have a boy?"

Man: "What?"

Me: (being pretty sure I knew what J was getting at...but trying to make it sound like something else) "You mean does he have a son like you?"

J: "No! There! (pointing to his mid-section) Do you have a boy in your tummy?"

Me: ...........(speechless of course with his wife walking around the corner)

Man: "Hey honey!! Guess what he just asked me!?!" (laughing hysterically)

Good thing it happened to this particular couple. They got such a kick out of it. I've been talking about this event for a long time wondering when it was going to happen, what my child would say? I have to admit...I always figured that it would be Ava to be the first that made me sink into my boots...well done go down as the first to embarrass mom!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ava is always the first one up and usually is the only one around in the morning when I am feeding Keira...her sleepy brothers always trail her by at least a half we spend many mornings just chatting...we have the strangest here goes....another Ava rambling while I was feeding Keira....

A: "What if Keira's eyes were up here?" (pointing to the top of her head)

Me: "She'd look funny."

A: "Yeah and she couldn't see anything walking in the street."

Me: "Yeah that would be a bummer."

A: "I think then, God would take her. He puts eyes on everyone."

Me: "Yes He does Ava."

A: "I think he has an extra bucket of eyes."

Me: "Really, do you think he does?"

A: "Yeah he has a leftover bucket from putting eyes on everyone else."

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just a short little snipit for you....

While giving Keira a bath this morning...

A: "Mom Keira is so cute isn't she?"

Me: "Yes she is."

A: "I really love her."

Me: "I do too."

A: "Did you know that Jentzen drinks the potty water at night sometimes?"

Me: "What??"

A: "He does mom...sometimes he drinks it."

It started out so well didn't it??

I sort of wonder if it's true or if Ava was just finding something to talk about...but after the toothbrush episode...unfortunately there is a good possibility it is true!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yet again, no picture and I wish I did!!

The kids were getting ready for bed....going potty and brushing their teeth. Normally these two activities wouldn't really be done together. But for my kids why not! I think you can see where this is going....

Quaid is going potty and Jentzen is starting to brush his teeth. Jentzen normally climbs up on the potty to reach the sink. He was waiting until Quaid was done and turned around, toothbrush in hand, getting a little impatient and yep...right in the stream!!! GROSS!!!! I happened to walk in just as this was happening grabbing Jentzen's toothbrush just as it was heading for his mouth! YUCK!!!!

Now I many times has this happenend already!!!