Wednesday, November 30, 2011


"I weigh 53 pounds...but sometimes at Grandma's I eat Chex Mix and Apples, then I weigh 55."

Enjoy that now...when you're an adult you'll just keep that 2 pounds for good!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some days I wish I could throw a fit, grab my blanky and hide in my bed until I'm ready to come out. It works when you're 3...why not 30??

Monday, November 28, 2011

The kids rocked their school this morning and left themselves lots of playtime this morning before lunch. This was much needed by me who spent at least and hour shredding my mom's mammoth Thanksgiving turkey that was leftover since we cancelled Thanksgiving this year....Grandma Felton is not doing so great and my mom and dad had to take a quick trip to Iowa.

The kids were all upstairs creating an elaborate camping and hiking expedition....

Quaid: "Ava, we don't need a map, I have my GPS!"

Ava: "Well Quaid, we should have a map too in case it doesn't work!" (Thank you Ava, you have listened to your mother...I will die knowing that my kids still know how to read a map!)

Quaid: "Okay, fine, bring your map."

Ava: "I have my GPS too, just in case the map doesn't work!" ( I guess we still need to work on that!)

Jentzen: "Where are we going?"

Quaid: "We're going to climb that mountain!"

Ava: "Quaid, my GPS says it's going to rain, we can't do that today."

Quaid: "Well my GPS says it's going to be sunny!"

Jentzen: "Let's use Quaid's GPS."

Oh the joy to hear them imagine!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Keira turned 3 on Thanksgiving. Her birthday blog is yet to be done...tomorrow...that's my goal. But now that she's 3, she has such a mature outlook on the world, a wisdom beyond her age. Today she gave an example of that new found wisdom.

We ate at the Olive Garden today after church for lunch. YUM! We never go out to eat, but we had a gift card still left over from last Christmas...and it allowed me to go grocery shopping with kids with full bellies...another bonus!

While getting ready to leave, Keira was wanting something else...

K: "Can I have more of that?"

Me: "We're done with lunch, you'd had enough, we're leaving now."

K: (pulling up her shirt and having a glance at her stomach) "Mom! It's not fat enough yet!"

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's November in MN. Sunset yesterday was 4:44pm. Which makes me feel like I should be sleeping by 6:44pm because it's already been dark for two hours. Grrr.....I don't like that about winter.

There is also something about this time of year that makes the kids not want to go outside. It's cold but there's no's just weird. But since they want to stay inside all day it makes it a lot easier to get all their school work done. I can't really compete with riding their bikes or dirt biking.

This time of the year also brings about the church Christmas program practice. Nathan and I dislike Christmas and all sounds involved with it. I tolerate their music. I have to. Although it brings about a smile to my face listening to the kids try to figure out the words....

"Glooooory, Yaaaaaahtzee And Shell Seas Dayo!"


Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's the little things in a marriage that make it great. Anyone can have a decent marriage. Anyone can be married to another person and view them as "fine". It's the little things that make it great...and I think a huge part of great kids is a great marriage.

This morning Nathan was going to take is motorcycle to school. We live in Minnesota, and it's November. The high today is 38 degrees, winds at 20-30 mph, which makes it actually feel like 25. Most folk would call that a bit nippy for riding a motorcycle. In the effort to save a little at the pump, Nathan was geared up last night, going to fish his snowboarding ensemble out of storage, bundle up and brave the cold.

We have a heated garage and a not heated garage. I park in the heated garage...we both park in the heated garage...duh! All other motorized things we have are parked in the heated garage. When I park in the heated garage, everything else is blocked in. Nathan last night told me to leave my van outside so he could get his bike out in the morning. This morning at 6am his enclosed, warm and toasty gas hog of a car **with heat** looked a little more appealing...I can't say I blame him!

I needed to load something in my van and I knew it was outside. Yuck.

I geared up for the arctic blast. I opened up the door to the garage...My van was in the garage, nice and toasty warm, out of the frigid wind.

That is greatness.

It's the little things that say, I thought of you, I went out of my way for you, there was only benefit for you in what I did, you were worth my extra time.

Kids, that's what it's all about...follow your daddy's lead. And if you have a something a little extra special for your honey today!

PS....I love you :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Me: "Jentzen I hear you did awesome at MMA last night!"

J: "Yeah! There was this really strong boy..."

Me: "Really?"

J: "Yeah, really strong! Strong like I think he had lumps on his tummy....I BEAT him!!"

It seems they've been watching a few adult MMA fights...adults with some abs :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Keira was wearing her big fluffy princess dress today. She's always dressed up in her princess dresses.

She had to pee.

I had to hold her dress up.

I thought of her wedding day.