Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keira wandered into my bathroom the other day. And such a helper that she is...decided that she would take on the task of washing her hair by herself. The problem comes when she chose the wrong bottle....This is what she chose....Did you miss what it was?
That's right 100% pure petroleum her hair...almost half the tube!!! Have you ever used petroleum jelly? Have you ever felt the consistency of petroleum jelly? Well let's just say that hair cleaner is NOT one of it's 101 uses that I'm sure it has.

Here's the story of how and how NOT to take care of the problem. It all started with me under estimating the strength and resilience of said jelly. I thought...well it's a some good shampoo should get it right out. I scrubbed and scrubbed, scratched, and scratched her little head.

All cleaned up...ready to dry off and re clothe.
Clothes back on...and hair dried off....well at least that's what I thought. The shampoo didn't even touch it. Bummer....I panicked and told Nathan of the predicament I was in. He did what every good dad would do...he Googled.
He found some information that corn starch would soak up the jelly easy peasy. So over the sink she went....and corn starch applied...
She wasn't quite sure what was happening....She did not like laying with her head off the sink...
She was relived when she was done with the first application. She strangely looked like Benjamin Button....a prematurely gray haired toddler.
It was right before nap time so time was of the essence. The directions also said to wash it out with a good clarifying shampoo. Not sure that I had that, I grabbed for the closest thing I could find. Pantene.
We scrubbed and scrubbed again. I washed and washed. Dried the hair and wasn't super impressed with the end result. Granted I didn't leave the corn starch in her hair very long...I still thought it would do a bit better of a job. As you can didn't. At this moment Ava came walking into the kitchen with sort of an unexpected comment.

A: "Mom, now the sink smells like Deb!"

Me: "What?"

A: "The smells like Deb now."

Me: "Well I used this's that that you smell."

A: "Yeah I smells like Deb."

I happen to like the smell of I'm going with compliment. But I'll let you all decide for yourself :)

I brushed it out just to see how bad it really was....She looked like a total greaser. It was disgusting, totally slimy. That's not wet hair you're seeing. It was totally "dry". GROSS!
This is where my part of the story ends. By this time she was put to nap...I had given up. I didn't have time to try anything else....So I shipped the little grease ball off to Grandma's. I figured it would be some good Daddy and Keira bonding time for that night. Since he had come up with the first plan...I figured he had a few more up his sleeve.

Turns out...Daddy knows best. Egg. Lots of raw beaten eggs...that's what removes petroleum jelly from hair. Quite well I might add.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I was invited to a show a few days back...well for those who know me....a lot of days back...the show actually took place on November 29th...but who's keeping track of how far behind I am!! The reason for that is this....I've been spending my free time doing this...My quilt with the beautiful fabric that my SIL got for me! Quilting makes me happy. Anyways on with the show!!
Ava had set up the seating area. Dang...Keira already snatched the best seat!!!

She started off the show with some amazing pan twirling...I VERY impressed!
Then there was some juggling of ferocious animals happening...Ava ready to announce the next part of the show...
The Orchestra...

And just if you think Keira missed out on participating in the show...don't worry...she put on her own little show later...

Now that...THAT is true talent...wouldn't you say??

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ava was spending an afternoon at Grandma's the other day playing with her cousin Gabby. The phone rang...

Q: "Hello Walkingtons!"


Q: "It's Quaid."


Q: "Oh Hey Ava!!!!"

In those 3 words my mind went racing through the next 20 years... I just pictured them being of the age where they're no longer living in the same house. When they're living who knows where. When they need each other. I can't wait till they call up their brother and sister and talk about life. Talk about problems....probably call up and complain about mom and dad to each other:) Spending hours on the phone catching up about boyfriends, girlfriends, college, jobs, their own spouses and kids. A sibling relationship is special.

I don't think it happens on accident either. I know plenty of siblings who never speak to each other and really don't care to. When you're picking out a friend, you get to pick what qualities you want, which ones you don't. With a sibling you just have to take what you get whether you're completely compatible or not. And that relationship takes work and purpose. I find myself saying, "You WILL play with your brother!" "You WILL love your sister!"

I think it's a life be able to spend time and have relationships with anyone...whether they're "your type" of person or not. My parents did a great job encouraging those relationships, making sure we had family time...not letting us all run in different directions and never together. To this day we all still value time together.

And those 3 little words from Quaid...just another reminder of family time. It's not just about one evening, or one game played together, or one child being sad about not having a friend over because it's family night.

Every minute together is about building a lifelong relationship that will always be there no matter what.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Anthony's project while Nathan was at school was to get the 4 wheeler (or Quad Bike if your an Aussie) running. It hasn't run in years.But thanks to Anthony the kids have tons of fun roaming around the yard.Oh to see the green grass will come again soon.
We had to hit up this local shop. It has the HUGEST assortment of candy. We let all the kids pick out one treat. Olivia picked out a Bounty...which comes from Australia. Seriously.

We did a little apple picking. I love walking through apple orchards. There is nothing better than an apple right off the tree.

This picture makes us look a bit herd-like.
Oh my sweet this girl!
And Oh My! Can't you just taste it with him?!?!
I am missing seeing the girls grow...and I miss seeing all the cousins play together.
Don't you just hate getting bits caught in your teeth?

Keira gave me a look the other day and I could have sworn I was looking right at Livi! It's crazy how yet a world close.

Keira was a bit tuckered out. Don't worry about the Desitin near her...she just likes to eat it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I was cleaning the basement yesterday.

The kids were in the basement with me....playing.

It's Winter here in Minnesota.

Heat is important.

The switch for the heat is in the utility room.

Our utility room is in the basement.

The kids were in the basement with me...playing.

When you turn the heat gets cold.

When you turn the heat switch off, it gets really cold.

When you turn the heat switch off for nearly 24 hours, it gets really really cold.

When it gets really really cold it makes a husband a smidge cranky trying to figure out why it's so cold.

The kids are banned from playing in the am I.

I put on a fleece.