Monday, September 28, 2009

The kids saw grandpa down in the pumpkin patch one afternoon...(imagine that? where else would he be??)

The kids wanted to go see him so off they went on their bikes...Ava came running the house, I was on the phone. She was asking me if she could go with grandpa's squash or something like that. I said "fine" but not really knowing what I was saying fine to because I was talking to her, and talking on the phone at the same she went.

I try and keep an eye on them when they're down there to make sure they don't wander too far. Looking, kids....Well they'll turn up when they're hungry I guess...:)

Quaid came running in the house...

Q: "I'm just getting a drink mom, then I'm going to go down the road with Grandpa to deliver squash."

OOOHHHH Now I get it! I would not have told Ava she could go...who knows how far grandpa was going to go...and Ava's little legs wouldn't last that long!

Me: "No Quaid, you're not going to do that...where's Ava?"

Q: "She's down the road with Grandpa."

Me: "Where's Jentzen?"

Q: "Ummmm I don't know."

Me: " stay here Quaid don't go anywhere."

Looking, Jentzen....I didn't want to send Quaid off looking...then I would have three kids lost!

Then the phone mom....

Mom: "Did you know that Jentzen is over here?"

Me: "No, not exactly...I knew he was somewhere outside."

Mom: "Well he's over here looking for Quaid and Ava."

Me: "Great...send him home!"

Here comes Jentzen trotting through the field...Okay now I've got two more to go!

I figured Ava knew the way home, I'd just wait...and wait....and wait...and wait....

Okay it's been awhile now...I should probably go look for her. In the car we went and down the road...I found her and my dad about 1/2 mile down the road...Ava on her bike and grandpa pulling his wagon full of squash.

Ava looked quite relieved to see me.

A: "Mom! I told grandpa that we should go back home but he said no! He said we had to keep going! He had too much squash!"

Me: "That's okay. I thought you might be getting tired. I'll bring you home."

A: "I told him mom...I told him you would be "respecting" home. I told him you would be "respecting" me!!"

Me: "You mean expecting?"

A: "Yeah, expecting me home."

So there you have it...all three kids! What am I going to do when little Keira is out there running around with them?

Leashes....really long leashes!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I had an Uppercase Living party at my house on Tuesday night...SO FUN! And such fun stuff!!

Ava was able to join the party...because it was just for girls. It was getting near time and she came running to me....

A: "Mom, can I put one of my beautiful dresses on?"

Me: "Why do you need to change?"

A: She grabs a hold of her dress at the tummy area, pulls it out, and looks at me speechless with the look that says, "Duh Mom, as if I could be seen in this!?!?"

Me: "Fine go change your dress."

Part two of the party...

The boys were up with daddy in the bedroom supposedly watching a movie quietly...when I hear laughing, banging, jumping, more giggling, more jumping, more screaming...

I went up to give Nathan a bottle for Keira...I see Nathan hanging off the end of the bed, Quaid mid flight off the end of the bed, Jentzen running around to get back on the bed, and pillows all around the room. The noise all made sense now!

Part three of the party...

I finally hop into bed for the night..

Me: "What did you do?

Nath: "What do you mean?"

Me: "There are crumbs everywhere in the bed!"

Nath: "Yeah I brought up some treats and the boys picked cookies to eat."

Me: "Yes, I can see that...all over MY side of the bed!"

Nath: (with a huge smirk) "Yep."

Two nights later...I am still brushing crumbs from my sheets!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sneaky Snack

I just got done shaking up my Parmesan cheese jar, you know, to break up the chunks.....with the top OPEN! (Use your imagination) Yeah so I thought I should take a break from the kitchen for awhile and share a little story from today...

Ava: "Mom!!! (while running in from outside)

Me: "What happened?"

Ava: "Quaid told me that birds ate my snack! But I know that they didn' was Quaid!!"

Me: "Birds ate your snack?"

Ava: "No! Quaid just told me that...I know it was him who sneaked all my snack!! It was not the birds!!"

Sneaky little Quaid....your sister is getting too wise for you!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


As a mom I wish I could remember everything...every little funny thing they've done or said. But it's just not possible. When conversations come up about my child hood...I always question my mom..."How can you NOT remember that??"

Yeah well, I'm there. I think back to my kids as babies...which was just a few years ago and I can't remember...I really can't! I remember some things, specific moments, things they did...but not everything and it's frustrating.

And if you ask my husband...he'll say it's a bit more than things about the kids that I forget. I used to blame it on just being pregnant.....or I just had a baby....or I have a lot going on any particular week....but now I've given in to the fact that it's just all the time...and doesn't seem to be getting any better. I've always been one to be on top of everything. Not so much anymore.

An email from Nathan while I was working..."So how did your van drive to work this morning?"

I'm thinking, "Great..Wow! How considerate of him, checking on my safety( we've been having some problems with the van lately...what a blessing to have a mechanic for a husband) making sure everything on the van was sounding better etc."

Then I read the next line..."Now how am I supposed to go anywhere with the kids? You took the wrong car! Remember we just talked about it last night!?!"

Oh yeah...that's right...we did just talk about that before I went to bed...slipped my mind :)

Lucky for dear Nathan has learned to laugh it off...most of the time though....

Quaid on the other hand has been my little helper lately.

Q: "Mom can I have (insert anything that a child normally asks for)?"

Me: "Yep sure." (busy around the kitchen doing something else and then coming to sit down at the table.)

Q: "Mom...Are you forgetting something?"

Yep sure enough....I had forgotten. I have to laugh at his creative questioning. The kids are constantly told to not ask more than once for something. He gets around that quite nicely.

It used to bother me...but I thought one day....

These are the things I NEVER forget:

to kiss my kids
to hug my kids
to tell them I love them
to read to them
to make sure they are fed
to make sure they have clean clothes to wear
to make sure they are warm
to make sure they get to play and have fun
to make sure they learn
to pray with them

So I've learn to let go...I may lose it on some day to day things...and I may not remember every little cute thing my kids have done...but the important things...I will know that I didn't forget :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Way back when...on August 20th...Jentzen turned 3...I almost forgot. No not really but we're just not that into birthdays. They come and go with not much fuss at the Walkingtons. But I feel I must post something to save myself from an argument from a 15 year old Jentzen thinking he went from 2 and skipped right to 4!

For awhile it seems like every week is someones birthday. May, June, July, August, October, and November all have 1 birthday each in our's almost every week!?!?

Did you catch which month is missing...Yep September...September is the month that brought about no more birthdays for us :) Nathan holds this month very near and dear to his heart I suppose...he will always remember the beautiful month of September.

Back to Jentzen...Grandma of course could never let this happen. How could we deprive our kids of it?!?! So thanks to Grandma, Jentzen got some cake and presents. It was the weekend we were at the cabin with our we got down to the cabin about 9pm...quick shoved some cake in their yappers, tore open some presents, and went to bed :)

Happy Birthday Jentzen :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

When I'm gone, it's good to know that there's another little mother hen taking my place.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I am sitting here, reading other people's blogs while listening to Quaid, sitting on the white throne, doing his business...while screaming like a girl at the top of his lungs to Keira, only to have her scream as high and loud as she can right back at him...It's like a game to them....and now I'm hearing Quaid, "Gross, No Keira!" HHMMMM one should think I should go check out what's happening huh!!

I go clothes shopping for the kids once a year. Sunday was Ava's day :) She loves to shop so she was pretty excited about it too. We go to my staple store...Once Upon a Child. I love it there because I can obey my clothes rule. $5 max price for anything....well except for jeans....hard to find them for $5 or less. So I raise the price on those to $7.50.

There have been a few times I have broken my rule for a "To Die For" shirt for Ava. Sorry boys but there's nothing that interesting made for boys that warrants a rule breaker.

But I was surfing ebay looking for some shoes for Ava...I want an Ugg like pair of boots for her...and look what I found......

I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! I watched a pair on ended up selling for $57. Really?? $57...there are people out there who would spend $57 on a pair of shoes for a 4 year old!??!?!? That blows my mind! I grumble on having to spend $18 on shoes for her!

Now me on the other hand (they make them in my size too :) I would spend that much on an adult pair of shoes....but right now with one student/unemployed bread-maker of the house...not a wise decision. Bummer...maybe next season!!

Although maybe they are $57 for a 4 year old...yep you're right...that's makes them $120 for a 28 year old! Really...those Aussies are just darn greedy aren't they?!?! All they are is some skin off a sheep's bum and some stiching and slice of old tire on the bottom right? And I have the same rule for myself for clothes shopping....I just don't do it...and when I have to, I usually just find whatever I can for $5 or less at the end of the season sell out and that will have to do....I don't buy "trendy" clothes...I stick with the classics that I can wear year after year. As long as it serves it's purpose and is clean...who cares. Besides that...I have way more fun shopping for my kids than I do myself!

I took one of our 17 year old youth group girls jean shopping with me. She had no idea what she was getting into. 4 stores and 24 paris of jeans later...I finally found one that I love. The last pair I bought was 3 years ago...and it will be at least another 3 years before my next pair...and take a guess where I found them....the first place I should have gone....Starts with "B" and ends with "uckle" Jealous Mel???

If anyone is selling a pair of those gorgeous boots from those money hungry Aussies out there...I'd give ya $20...going once....going twice...any takers??

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why is it that telling one child not to do something is a license for the next child to do that exact same thing within the next 30 seconds??

It's as if my saying, "Please don't do that" to one child says, "Great idea why don't you try it too" to the next!!