Monday, August 29, 2011

I won a George Foreman, Lean Mean Grilling Machine during my highschool overnight graduation party...way back when I partied like it was 1999...oh was 1999.

Some may think this is a dorky kitchen contraption that you're swayed to purchase during an infomercial at 2am because there's nothing else on and you can't sleep because you either have way too many emotional problems stewing in your head or you've had 3 cans of mountain dew at 10pm.

That was not me. My emotional problems are never stewing and I can slug down 3 cans of highly caffienated beverage while laying in bed and then promptly lay my head on my pillow and drift off to sleep no prob. I know, it's a gift...or a curse, depending how you look at it.

Unlike most kitchen "one-use" appliances, I have found this to be one of my favorite things to use!

When we were first married I used to throw two pieces of chicken on it...frozen, and plain. One because I didn't now how to plan a meal, and plain because, well, I really didn't know how to cook. It cooked, quickly but the outsides were always charred and leather like. Thankfully, I've moved on since then.

I've now somewhat mastered meal planning and cooking chicken. We now use it for grilled sandiwches...oh yum! It's easy for me, the kids like them, I like them, and Nathan will actually make them himself!

Just the other day, Nathan emailed me at work stating a tragedy. George had given up the gusto...and was no longer willing to heat.

Crisis!! A day had gone by and I asked again...Is it true? Does it really not work???

A screwdriver....

10 minutes...

An electrical connector...

My Hero! It's one of the many reasons I love my man!!!

Now if he could only rig up a way to replace the nonstick coating that has completely worn off...something like that would be trophy worthy, don't you think?

Monday, August 22, 2011

40 Reasons...

Deb turns 40 today. A HUGE Happy Birthday to her!!

She is the best person and friend because she......

1. loves to play games as much as I do.
2. loves my kids like her own.
3. is a great cook.
4. makes me chicken noodle soup just because.
5. is a planner, just like me.
6. never gets sick of me.
7. gets along with my husband.
8. likes to freezer cook.
9. likes to "garden".
10. comes to my kids activities.
11. is honest.
12. always picks up the phone when I call.
13. was practically raised by the same mother as me.
14. will play Monopoly with me.
15. has a huge value for integrity.
16. is a great example of a wife.
17. married a guy that I like to hang out with too.
18. always willing to try something new.
19. makes me go a TENT!
20. lets me go shopping with her.
21. always has the best life advice.
22. listens to me ramble on about whatever I need to.
23. makes the coolest cupcakes for birthdays.
24. gives me cooking advice.
25. runs errands for me, just to save me time.
26. does the coolest projects with my kids.
27. gave me the code for her front door.
28. 100% committed to anything she says she will do.
29. loves the Lord.
30. always makes me feel young :)
31. gave me access to her online calendar to schedule anything I want her to do for or with me.
32. is always trying to be a better person.
33. tells me what I need to hear, even if it's not what I want to hear.
34. understands what it means to be the youngest child of the family.
35. is patient enough to talk to each of my kids before actually getting me on the phone.
36. loves Survivor as much as I do.
37. lets me stop by when she's not home and take anything I need from her pantry.
38. married a guy who likes to make popcorn in a brown paper's the ONLY way!
39. loves spending time with me as much as I love spending time with her!
40. was hand crafted by God, just for me!!!

Lots of love on your special day from the Walkingtons!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A good little reminder for all of us from my dear Jentzen:

"If we smell or drink gasoline, we'll get less smarter, won't we mom....yeah...we shouldn't drink gas."

I know...right? He's a lifesaver!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The all started on Wednesday evening before I left for work. I kissed my kids good bye until pretty much the next Tuesday morning. It was work, cleaning the cabin, more work, and more work. When it rains, it pours concerning shifts at work. I take what I can get...never can tell when the drought is about to hit.

Work was followed by a 4 hour round trip escapade to bring the boat down to the cabin after it spent some time in the boat hospital. I was with the kids, but they didn't quite see that as quality time. We ate dinner at Dairy Queen...what can be more quality than that??? I tried to explain it...they didn't understand.

The next morning brought about my and Deb's birthday outing that started at 730am and lasted until 730pm. I know...right?? If you want to read Deb's review of the day go here. If you want to read Nathan's review, go here. (Since the two of them did such an outstanding job, I'm going to pass on my rendition of the day.) It was special, do go read about it. We have the best EVER!

I came home from the all day party, packed my bags and headed out for a road trip to Denver with my 3 sisters to visit my brother Bob who moved out there last fall.

My little Ava. The sweet thing. While I was packing, she sat outside my bedroom door and cried...and not just a little tear. It was all out, full fledged crying. As if I stomped on her toe or something. I went to her, asking what was wrong. Through her huffing, and crying, and snotting, she said, "I don't want you to leave!!!"

Does that just break a mama's heart or what?? I'm pretty sure that put a tear or two in my eyes as well. We hugged and hugged, and I kissed her at least 10 times and then I had to let her go. Truthfully, I missed all of them just as much. I hadn't seen the kids much in the past few days...and it was going to be another 2 days.

My sisters and I hit the pavement on our way to Colorado....more on that later, which might include a video of me doing this, (my brother just happens to be a skydiver and thinks everyone should love it as much as he does)...and got home at 930am on Tuesday morning. The kids were pumped to see me and I got lots of kisses and cuddles. It was later that afternoon, Ava came tiptoeing into the office where I was. She snuggled right in:

Me: "I heard you were sleeping on my side of the bed when I was gone."

A: "Yeah, it smelled like you, it made me miss you more....I just couldn't stop smelling it."

Me: .....totally speechless.

A: (snuggling up to my neck inhaling as long as her little lungs would permit) "Oh, Mom, you just smell so good."

Me: (eyes raised with confusion)

A: "You do! I just can't help it, you smell so good!"(breathing in yet again)

This was at the exact moment I had been in the same clothes for over 24 hours, slept in them during a 13 hour road trip, sweat in them...not just once but a few times. I'm not one that "glistens" as some females call it...I just plain sweat. Imagine a field of sweet smelling flowers, soft fragrances blowing in the wind...That was NOT me!

But I get her, it made me seems not so far away. When Nathan's gone, I sleep on his side of the bed for just that same reason. Weird to some. To me, that's love...head over heals, crazy, too much for words, I miss you so much...LOVE!