Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nathan and I had the honor of dog-sitting for my mom and dad's dog Sugar. Well I should really be more DAD'S dog. And along with the dog..comes dog stuff. And who knew it would be fun for the whole family!?!?! It was Keira's idea....really.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It's finally time to pack away the snow pants. Hats and mittens might be gone by the end of this week too!! The bikes have come out...the footballs and baseballs too!

It's a good thing too because I have a feeling that a little something from the back woods was getting a little hungry and came looking.... That's a coyote....right behind our house a few weeks ago before the big thaw. Have you ever heard a pack of coyotes howling at night? It's the most eerie sounding thing....just the thought of it makes me shudder. It has woken us up a couple of nights it's been so loud. They usually never come near people or houses...and NEVER in the daytime.

This leads me to believe that they're getting a little hungry these winter months. Or the neighbor that hunts them isn't having such a great year. Last year he said he shot 80 of them!!!

Dear Mr Hunter,

I'd like to hear a little more gun shots and a little less howling. Could you take care of that? I like my kids...they aren't dog food. Thanks so much.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

One day

Nathan was kind enough to load up some more pictures on my blog. I'm not sure where to go with this one...but I'll try...

This is a machine of some sorts. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with machining. There's no doubt that it cost more than our mortgage payment. I'm not for sure but judging from past experiences, every piece of equipment that's larger than a hammer will at least have a 4 digit price tag.

This next one here is really exciting!! I mean seriously...look at it. It's a work of art! It sort of looks antique to me...but for all I know it could be the newest and upcoming trend in a machinist's world. I think it's the "big hunk of metal" theme that makes me think antique. Remember the first irons, vacuums, and sewing machines....big hunks of metal.

I'm going to step out on a limb and be a little observant. Just for fair may backfire. I think this is one of the machines that's at Nathan's job. Given the window and scenery it looks like grass only found in New Prague doesn't it?

This one looks like it's encased in glass? So I'm going to go with antique for this one? Actually now that I'm thinking about it...I think I remember Nathan telling me that they had little hand held models of the real machines they have in their maybe that's what these all are!! (See honey, I DO hear what you're saying after all!)

Even if they are all models, they still fall under the category "I want this in my shop". Is there any tool or machine that any man wouldn't want in their shop?

For Nathan, that answer is definitely a big loud resounding NO!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nathan and his Iphone pictures

It all started one day when I had some free time on my hands...I know, what's that? Right? I asked Nathan to download some pics on my blog. Only because downloading pics and I are like oil and water...sheer enemies.
I wondered what he would come up with? Nathan with his Iphone always in tow, brings about endless possibilities.
Here's the first one he came up with.

It doesn't get much better than that, does it? Jentzen plays so hard....and when he's had enough, he's had enough. And a great place to snooze just in case the action picks up again, he'll be sure not to miss it. I don't think I've ever seen the boy walk anywhere. He's full speed all the time...except while coloring. His most recent activity he's taken up. He's focused, methodical, and determined. He must color the ENTIRE page...every single little white sliver of the whole page. He won't stop until it's complete. It's fun to see him change as he gets older...the crazy, spontaneous little guy is turning out to have quite few different angles.

And then we come to the next picture. We took some friends to our cabin a few weekends ago. It was great fun. The took a trip out to the lake. The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever to be walking on the lake.

And now to the next picture...let's pause for a moment until I find words.....keep waiting........longer.......longer.......longer.......

I've come up with a few things. I'm pretty sure that he's not trying to tell me I have big feet. Because I don't. I always wear my seat belt, so I'm sure it's not a subtle reminder of that. If he would ever let me drive, not that I want to, he might have that look on his face while being my passenger. I've never been in an accident or in the ditch, but I've had a few tickets and I have a need to follow closely to the cars in front of me and always be the fastest one on the road. I think that goes back to my childhood being the youngest one, always left behind, running to catch up, getting cut off while following taller siblings, no one ever saw me cause I'm short and always have been. It could be because he let me teach him a new card game last night...Cribbage...numbers and math related things usually cause that look on his face. Or maybe it's just the clear fact that he's stuck with doing life with me for the remainder of his life...until death do us part. That just may bring about that particular image in his mind :)

And then sweet Ava...she's really going to love this one when she's 25. I can't exactly figure out what angle this is taken from...she's in her bed, near her beloved Pillow Pet. And from what it looks like, she's been eating crayon and now has multi-colored drool. I'm really hoping that's not the case...she is 5 after all. I hope we've grown out of that by now.

And here's sweet Keira. This was mid-school-room reorganizing. She's so helpful isn't she! A perfect place to just sit and have snack.

And then there's this pair.
Keira is pretty much attached to this guy we call RW. She can't get enough of him. And truth be told, I don't think he minds....even with what happened earlier this week. It involved Keira wearing only undies, and her not wanting to take a trip through the kitchen, around the corner and into the bathroom. Oops...she did feel bad for the record.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Today there might be approximately 18,585,087 people having birthday's. At least that's what Wikipedia told me. We all know that Wikipedia is total fact. And 18,585, 086 of those people share today as their special day with my dad!! Those 18+ million people are very very lucky!

My dad turns 71 today. 71. Some people my age have grandparents this age. I always had the oldest parents. Being the youngest of 6 had a little to do with it. Did it ever bother me? Not in the least. Age for my dad never seemed to be a factor.

I remember days of playing ball and going on bike rides. My dad came on all school field trips with me, sat in the bleachers of every sporting even he could make it to. Endless weekend days of hiking through the woods behind our house...sliding down the leaf covered slopes....only getting us "lost" once. Of course he would never let on to that...he claims he "knew" where we were the whole time. Which translates into somewhere between Jordan and Shakopee on the East side of 169 :) My dad with our old dog pepper in his arms because he just had to come along despite being way too old and arthritic to make the whole journey. As I've mentioned before he was always right there laying on the floor playing games with me, sharing his popcorn.

As I grew older he always did his part with the school projects, chasing me around to sporting events, dances, anything that was a must for the limited social life of a teenager.

I remember many heated conversations about where I would be going to church on Sunday and if God cared about what I wore to church. I was a bit feisty...and he was as patient as one could be.

Off to college I went, which involved lunches at the Pie Shop...more commonly known as Baker's Square. Custard Pie. It's all about the Custard for him. I got to proudly tell all the other cashless, carless freshmen that I was being picked up for a lunch date...with my dad...and that he as paying!

And now here we are 11 years, a heart attack and a stroke later....

I now find myself saying he WAS instead of he IS. It's different, and there's no avoiding the fact that he's different.

My sister and I were just reminiscing on the parenting we received. We both decided that my dad, paired with an awesome, wife and mother by his side did an outstanding job. We sat there and stared at each other blankly when trying to think of something they could have done better or different. They built confidence in us, but kept us humble. They made sure we each knew who we were instead of matching up to someone else. They had rules and followed through with consequences.

It saddens me that my husband and children will never know who he WAS. But they do know who he IS which just might be the most important.

Although many things have remains constant. My dad continues to count his blessings day after day when others would not, with all praises to our Lord. And above anything else he IS a great servant of God!

From everyone in our home...Happy Birthday and We Love You!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Game of the Day

Gabby and Lauren came to visit a few weeks back. They came over just because we hadn't seen them in awhile. My kids love their cousins dearly and would have them over every day if possible.

We often wait until they NEED to see each when parents have a non kid friendly even to attend. But why wait for that? It's fun for the kids to see eachother and I haven't heard of a mom who wouldn't love to have a day to do whatever she wants without kids.

They are always so creative in what they choose to do. This day I thought was especially creative. They all came tearing downstairs.....

"We're the Underwear Pirates!!!"

They were just cracking up at themselves. What is it about underwear, butts, and well anything that happens in the bathroom that is absolutely hilarious to this age group? I may never figure it out

Monday, March 7, 2011

This is Jentzen. He's my 3rd born. The one who came 5 days too early and way too fast according to my plans. He loves trucks, dinosaurs, tickles and praying!

Seriously on the last one. He's the first to pray at every moment he's allowed. He'll go on and on and on as long as you let him. Sometimes, it's just talking and sometimes he makes up a little tune and sings his prayer. All day long he's always commenting on what God thinks about a certain happening of the day, what he would want us to do...what he would want ME to do. That's always refreshing to hear: The Lord's instructions to mom...from your 4 year old son. Refreshing, maybe not so much....humbling...yes. I see a novel in his future!

Last night was a singing night. Right in the middle....(Make up your own little tune, it works for Jentzen) "And help us to do what God wants us to do so we don't get put in a big time out because I learned that in Bible Study that some guys got put in a big time out because they didn't do what God said...."

A little bit later after he finished his solo, I came back upstairs to hear him singing away again. Seriously, I need to start recording makes a mama's heart melt.

So from my little disciple to you....Peace Out!

PS...And do what God wants you to do today...I don't like time outs and I'm sure you don't either!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I usually have just 4 kids home everyday. For some, that's a full house. But for me, it's normal every day stuff.

But today, I have 8 kids. I LOVE having a house full of kids.

I love to watch them be creative. The older ones taking the younger ones under their wings. The games they come up with are always inclusive of all the other ones. They're always mixing up the kid combinations of who's playing with who and what they're doing. Quaid and Jentzen both have Sam to play with. Quaid totally digs having a "big brother" to play with. Ava loves having a "big sister" to do girl things with and to admire her recent manicure. Jentzen has someone his own age to play with....exactly his own age. Jentzen and Lydia were born within hours of each other. Freaky, I know. Keira loves running from cousin to cousin keeping them doing exactly what she wants them to be doing...And all the kids love having a baby around.

I never had cousins to play with when I was a kid. Well actually I had lots of them...I was the youngest of 42 cousins on my dad's side...but we weren't exactly close, I don't think I can even name them all.

I LOVE that my kids will have so much fun making so many memories with all their cousins. There's a lot of love in the Walkington house today :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I was thinking of what I should write about's been awhile so I figured I should pick something.

I was going to write about how my boys are sledding outside in the mud right now. How much I love to watch them giggle, get muddy and just be boys.

Then I thought of how much I love that Ava would rather stay inside and play a game with me than go outside. She's just like me. You would be very hard pressed to come up with anything I'd rather do than sit with someone and play a game. My sweet Ava is the same. Shes asks me about 72 times a day to play a game with her....and I have yet to find something that she will willingly go do in the place of playing a game.

Then I was going to write today about my little Keira who is growing up to be such a little girl and not so much a baby. And how we can sit and have a conversation about herself talking completely in the 3rd person. And how logical she has become. This morning Quaid and Ava asked her to jump up real high and then land on her bum (not sure...don't ask)...She looked at them and said, "But I might cry!"

But then Daddy walked through the door from school and brought home his latest project...

How Cool!! Spinning tops for the family. For all of you who ask me, "He's going to school for machining...what is that?" Well this is it. Take a solid piece of metal and create this!
And now this is an experienced dad of four....
Initials stamped on each one!! That's my man.

Not that my kids would ever fight over which one was never...not in this house.

And as Ava is right here beside me reading what I'm typing...she says to me, "Why didn't you type, 'Hey babe, where's mine?' You said that, remember?"

So glad I have such a qualified editor.