Friday, April 30, 2010

So Nathan is a online auction junkie. Not that we buy much, but it's interesting to see what's out there. He found this last night and I thought it was totally blog worthy.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I had a little something happen last weekend that brought about this post. I should be a little embarrassed but, well, I'm just not. Let's just say some of our friends came for dinner and were joined by some relatives on the ride home... "those" relatives. The ones that we all wish would never come for a visit...ever. You know, Uncle Chuck and Aunt Rhea. The horror, I cringe at the thought of them too! So for the sake of never seeing them again, the fridge was an issue. So here's the current condition of said fridge. This is the top...nothing really out of the ordinary. Some milk, juice, English muffins, a water bottle, cream (for Nathan's nasty nightly cereal bowl) eggs, yoghurt (free!), eggs (all free!), lots of tub butter (there was a great deal), and some leftover hamburger from taco salads.

This it he bottom half...some carrots (free!), apples, cherry tomatoes (free!), cheese and lunch meat. And my favorite part...see the partially peeled orange in the middle drawer on the left? Ava decided she wanted and orange, then decided it was too hard to peel, then decided she didn't want to wait for me to help her and threw it back in the drawer. She then proceeded to grab another one just to see if it was easier and repeated the whole process over again....FIVE times! Talk about diligence! And last but not least the fridge door which was where those "relatives" started their journey. And for the sake that the cousins would join in the road trip next time, I decided to check on a few death certificates that I forgot to sign and a few family funerals that I have missed...
Now here is good ole' Mr. Ranch. He's a kind, gentle soul with just a little kick in his step. He spent many days on the family estate, Pantry Prairie. I bring him up first because he poses and interesting question that involves a few others next to him. The Date of Death (DOD) on him was Jan 22, 2010. Well it's now April and well, he's till taking up residence in the fridge. I just opened him up a week or 2 ago. Does that count? If I kept him sealed this whole time does he get an extended life? Is he now maybe just in assisted living as opposed to the casket? Doesn't he still have a few good days left?? I'm taking a survey...what's your opinion? Be honest, he can handle it.

Miss Fanny French, the mother of Uncle Chuck and Aunt Rhea. There's no saving her, she's got to go!

DOD: May 09, 2006
Little Boy Zesty...or just Zest the Pest for short.

DOD:September 4, 2009
Lee Kum Kee, he runs the Prairie's first Martial Arts Center, he's been fighting off the inevitable for a long time.

DOD: August 16, 2008
Mr. A. He, like Mr. Ranch, was Lee Kum Kee's first student, and has been preparing for his big debut fight in solitude for quite some time. He was introduced to the public two weeks ago...doesn't he still have a lot of fight left in him? Don't tell me he gets KO'd in the first round? Shouldn't he get a second chance?

DOD: January 27, 2009
And then good for nuthin' Miss Prissy Lucy Lemon. She's just kind of irritated everyone since the day she got here...I'm totally okay with seeing her go. I don't have much use for her.

DOD: May 4, 2008
Mr. Dan, he's the track coach...keeps everyone in shape. He did take a brief sabbatical to help Mr. A train and only returned a few days ago. He's in good shape, he should last well past his life expectancy right?

DOD: April 26, 2010
Ms. Suzy Sour. She was a gift, I paid nothing for her so she's near and dear to me as well. I'd hate to see her go as I coddled her for the first stages of her life and well, she's still hasn't completely opened up to me yet. Doesn't she get a chance too??

DOD: February 16, 2010

So it's your turn to answer my 2 question survey:

1. Do you go by the expiration date, or how long since you actually opened it?

2. Who do you have living in the fridge, and how late are you to their respected funeral?

This is for all of you that have been flagged as secret blog readers. Pony up and comment!!

And you'll help me to sleep at night knowing I'm not the only one who has disgusting things in my fridge.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jentzen broke a baby food jar all over the floor.

Quaid threw Keira's shoe on the roof.

Ava beat me in every game we played.

Keira fell in the mud numerous times while wandering aimlessly in the yard.

A perfect day!

Monday, April 26, 2010

when you're husband is cutting your hair.....Yes that's right, I let Nathan cut my hair and here's the story about how it all went down.

I despise getting my hair cut. I dislike everything about it, well almost everything.

#1 The Call:

Calling to make the appointment irritates me. I have to find a time, a day, that works for me and find somewhere for my kids to go, then find that same time and day that works with my stylist...okay that's sort of a lie. I don't really have a "stylist." I used to but she had to go have kids and quit. How dare she leave me like that!! And if I do find someone to watch my kids...I hardly want to waste it getting my hair cut!

#2 The Check In:

I don't like checking in with all those girls that are so put together with the new latest and greatest hair colors and styles. I sort of feel like they're looking at me thinking, "Oh honey, it's going to take a lot more than a haircut to fix that!!"

#3 The Question:

"So what are we going to do today?" Really? Do you really have to ask? Can't you see I obviously do nothing with my hair...does it even look like I have a style? The same obvious answer of course...just clean it up, a few inches, take off the 2453 split ends.

#4 The Hair wash:
I actually like this part...except that they always get a bucket of water in my ears and I have a thing about getting water in my ears. I don't even put my head underwater when I swim. Weird I know, get over it. So I guess I don't really like this part either.

#5 The Actual Haircut:
I don't really mind this part...except staring at myself in the mirror for 45 minutes, that I could do without. Shoot, another negative.
#6 The "Style":

So how do you want me to style it?" I look like I have a style? Do I look like I EVER do anything with my hair? Quit looking at me strange when I tell you, just leave it wet. A) I never do it anyway, so why start now and B) why would start today and actually have to pay for it!!
#7 The Bill:

Well it's just plain robbery. Enough said! Do you have this in your backyard???
So this leads to Nathan cutting my hair. Here's a few snippets (excuse the pun :O) from our conversations during said haircut.

It all starts by walking out to his shop and having a seat on his mechanic's chair. Getting your haircut in a work shop, that's a red flag. Some might not think so, but take note, IT IS! Would you want to get your haircut here??

N: "About that much?"

K: "Ummmm, why don't you go a little less...just in case you screw up, I don't want to be bald."

N: (with a smirky grin, scissors in hand) "hhhmmmmmm."

K: "Well, it shouldn't be too hard, it's not like I asked you to do layers."
N: "Well, you got'em!!!"

N: "hhhhmmmmm," he then darts over to his tool box, opening and slamming all the drawers, rummaging through each one.
What on earth could there possibly be in his TOOL BOX that would help my hair??? Again, RED FLAG!!

N: "Oh s**t." (That's never a good sign)

N: "I told you I wasn't a stylist...why do you think they go to school for it? It's like me asking them to change oil!"

K: "So how's it going?"

N: "Well, there's just one part that's being a little more difficult."
Difficult? Difficult? What does that mean??
I get up, look at the floor to assess the damage of the cut hair. "Well it looks like it's all the same length."

N: "Except that part there, it's longer than the rest. Don't worry, there's just one shorter's underneath so you won't even notice it."

Truth be told...he did pretty well. I had to make a few snips this morning. I asked a friend of mine at work that was a stylist back in the day, the report: "He did pretty well, looks like one side is longer than the other, but it's not too noticeable.

Well worth my time and money to take a chance on the N-ster. He can only get better right??

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Field Fun

It's spring...and things are green!!
Good thing this isn't a corn field...or a trip to grandma's might be a little interesting!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Quaid is a drawer. He draws and draws all day long. He has never really been one for coloring books. He likes to make his own pictures. If there is ever any down time, he has papers and crayons. He'd trade his books in at rest time and bed time for crayons anyday. And honestly he is better than me. I'm not just sayin' that cause he's my kid. He really is. I have absolutely none, zip, zero, zilch talent in the artistic area. I struggle to draw a smiley face. There was no greater torture for me than arts and crafts time in school, or being told to illustrate a story. I despised every minute of it. The same is true in the musical area. I was in the "percussion" group. Yeah, they let me play the crash cymbals. That's what they do with the kids who have no rhythm whatsoever. It was for sure one time when, "I can't" was a perfectly acceptable answer. I always hoped that my kids would be somewhat talented in either are.

Well, my boy Quaid can draw. And he's creative. I have piles and piles of pirate ships, castles, dinosaurs, and race cars. Lately he's into copying this motorcycle...
Not bad for a 5...(almost 6!!) year old...truth is, it's better than I could do!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

As if this resting spot wasn't weird enough...Really...what's with my kids?? My sweet Ava NEEDS to be everywhere I am. I was working on my computer in the office...and well, that meant that she wanted to be in the office. Which left her but one option...the chair.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4 kids and only 3 problem!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

So Jentzen...he's the coolest isn't he? I think so. He's got this awesome little speech glitch. Awesome most of the time...sometimes it's a bit irritating more so to Nathan than to me. He can totally says his "S" know how some kids have a hard time with that one. Well not Jentzen, there's no Syd the Sloth lisp for him (come on Jess, do the reenactment...I know you want to :)...he's got it down pat. Except that is when it's the first letter of a word that's followed by another consonant. What words would those be? A few examples of Jentzen Talk...

Spot = pot

Spit = pit

Scoot = coot

Spank = pank

Sting = ting

Well you get the picture. It's strange because if there's a vowel right after it, he says it perfectly, like in: sing, sit, sand, etc...

So I get:

"Mom, can you coot me in to the table?"

"Mom, Quaid pit at me!"

"Jentzen, what happens if you do that?" "You pank me!"

"Mom, that bee is going to ting me...GET IT GET IT!!"

And my most favorite:

"Mom, I found my resting pot!!"

Every day the kids need to get their books, find a spot and stay there for the next 20 years. Well maybe just the next two hours and have reading/resting time. It's reading time for Quaid, the others usually fall asleep. As you see...Jentzen chose the stairs for his resting there he rests.

BTW...we are correcting him, so hopefully he won't be talking like that when he's 27. And then it becomes..."sssssssssssss pot." He still sort of seperates it. I get a kick out of him, and know I'm going to miss his cute little sounds sooner than later!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Seems mother nature fights back when you disrupt her solemnness and dump a huge man made hunk of wood, tile, and paint right in the middle of her. She sort of sunk down in sadness, creating chasms down to her core hoping to devour the small intruders that jump back and forth. Big tanks of...well...."human waste" isn't exactly her favorite thing to we fought back harder and filled them right back up. Come on Ms. Nature and take it like a man!
Nathan was preparing if for grass seed so no one would notice the crap under our lawn...literally.
Little miss helper her grabbed her rake and joined on in. Hey!! (banging on the window) let me get a good shot..quit avoiding the lense!! Well looks like that's enough working for Ava, she has graduated into supervisory mode assessing the work progress.
Careful not to offend dear daddy, she just touched up a few spots he had missed when he wasn't looking. Thanks Ava, for making sure it's all ship-shape.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

She talks...

So Keira has been picking up a few words here and there.

Word #1: Shirt

No we all know that kids have trouble with saying the letter "r." So take out the letter "r" and that's what she says. Nice.

Word #3: Sit

This she learned as we were grocery shopping and she continually tried to climb out of the cart. She also has perfected the word "shoe." So pretty much the "sh" sound comes out in any word that's remotely close. Say the "sh" sound for the "s" in "sit" and that's what she says. Nice.

Yep, she's daddy's girl.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The New Look...

So I've been bugging Nathan to make my blog look "pretty." I don't know how to change it, nor do I even want to attempt. So he finally did it.

I like it. It's sort of reminds me we live in the country, my favorite color is green , and that girl...she looks EXACTLY like me don't you think?? I love showing my mid-drift, lots of dangly jewelry, and I bet she's about 5'10"just like me!!! It's pretty scary really...someone must have gotten my picture!!

So really, all my readers....all 2 of you...what do you think????

PS: don't worry about offending Nathan, he's a big boy, he can handle it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dinner Lessons

Like this Mom? Are you sure? I really have to use this silly spoon? I could think of an easier way, but fine, I'll give it a try.

Quit staring at me...I'm doin' my best!!! I don't like this, not one bit!
Remember that easier way I was thinking of? This is how I start, please please can I give it a try??

Then I do this...a little bit closer, closer, closer...
Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about...Mom? Can you hear me? Are you takin' notes??
Good idea! Get a pic from the front. The more angles you have, the easier it will be for you to learn!
And there you have wasn't that so much easier?!?!?