Friday, April 20, 2012

...I don't want to forget:

Keira: "Mom?  Can I play my puter game?"

Me:  "No, you don't have a computer game."

Keira:  "Mom?  Can I do my spelling test?"

She's a wise one.  She knows the kids do their spelling online.  She's seen them use "school" as a way to get on the net.  (Remember the movie, "The Net" with Sandra Bullock?  I do.  Just sayin'.)

Jentzen: "Keira!  We're going to be best buddies for 39 days, Okay?" (I wonder what will happen on day 40.)

Ava:  "Keira, don't hit your head on the floor too'll get a headache."  (She's such a mother.)

Quaid has experienced a pulled muscle for the first time this morning...

Q: "Mom, is there something on my back?"

Me:  "No, it's a sore can't see it."

Q:  "Uggghhh, it really hurts when I do this..." (bending and twisting in a way I'm not sure that my 30 year old body even bends anymore)

Me:  "Well then don't do that."  (It's the same logic when we say, "This really stinks...smell it!)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I've been told lately by my beautiful children...

 "I wish I was the mom and you were the kid."

"You're not very good at taking care of your kids."

"You're the best mom ever!"

"Eeeewww, that dinner smells like butt."

"I love you so much, mom."

"It's you.  You're the problem."

"I love doing school with you."

"School is the worst ever!  You shouldn't make us do it!"

"I wish you were going to work today."

"Thanks, Mom."

I wonder what today will bring!!  I hope more of a few of those and a little less of the others :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

A little love

I love....

...that I'd rather be home than at work, even though going to work is way easier.

...the fact that we have tickets booked to see my Aussie family...even though it's 10 months away it just feels closer with a ticket with my name on it. homemade Apple Crisp, I think it's better than any other kinds I've tried.

...being a hero to my kids because I can kick start their dirt bikes.

...that my kids like to dirt bike for hours on end, so I get to watch them through the window from a dead silent house. in the field next to my parents.

...watching Hallmark Movies.

...that Quaid is becoming a little man and how his relationship with his Daddy is growing.

...Ava's thoughtfulness to others.

...Jentzen's passion for life.

...Keira's need to still cuddle with me.

...Nathan...plain and simple, I love him.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Today's post is following the lead of my beautiful cousin Brittany.  She is Nathan's cousin who painfully lives all the way in Australia.  Oh how I wish she was closer!!! 

In the Pahl family there's always some debate on extended relationships.  Would that be just Nathan's cousin or would that be my cousin too?  Should I refer to her as Nathan's cousin or my cousin?  If I say my cousin will others think she is on my side of the family?  I came to the conclusion, I don't really care.  I love her dearly and she's MY cousin :)

On her blog, she posts a "10 Things I Learnt This Week" every so often.  It's a great way to get an idea of what's been going on in her life in a brief, but informative way.  Yes, they say "learnt" down under, along with tyre, rubbish, mate, and other words you probably would frown upon.  Don't hate them for it, they actually think their English is superior to ours so it's not even worth a debate.  I've tried.

So here goes my list...10 Things I Learnt This Week:

1.  Going to work is truly a day off for me.
2.  While an almost 8 year old can do a great job washing dishes...greasy, buttery popcorn bowls should probably be given a second look before being placed back in the drawer
3.  I do love the coming of warm's refreshing...except it grows weeds.
4.  The Samoa cookie.....say no more.
5.  One on One is truly the best way to form new relationships.
6.  Nieces, nephews, and cousins are relationships worth giving a lot to.
7.  A nice looking workout clothes outfit looks better than a frilly designer one.
8.  God's financial plan for us is bigger than my neat little calculated spreadsheets.
9.  The old classic movies are worth a watch, that's why they're "classic."
10.  I should have been born in the horse and wagon days.

What have you learnt this week???