Thursday, April 30, 2009

So what are you all doing right now??

I'm relaxing at my computer while my 3 year old mops my floor :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last night, Quaid, Ava and I were settling down before bed with a nice bowl of popcorn. Daddy and Jentzen were gone....Keira was in bed sleeping (aka singing to herself in a loud screechy but oh so cute pitch)

I snatched a few pieces from the bowl.....

Q and A: "Hey! Mom!!!!"

Me: "Thanks for sharing :)"

A: "Once we swallow something down our throat, mom, we can't get it back."

Me: "That's right Ava."

A: "Unless we have really long arms."

Q: "Yeah and skinny too."

A: "Skinny like Keira's hand."

Q: "Yeah but really long."

I'd like to see that happen.

And earlier that day....

J: "Hot samich" ("sandwich" for those of you that don't understand 2 year old dialect) "Mom can you blow on it." (smiling with a cute pleading look)

Me: "Well, where are your lips?"

J: (pausing while his smile dropped off, with a serious scrunchy eyebrow look) "I took them off!!!"

Me: "Really?"

J: "Yep, and swallowed them down my froat!" (Again, "throat" in 2 year old talk)

Me: "Wow Jentzen, that's pretty talented."

J: "Yeah it is!!!!! They're not comin' back!"

I love how kids lives live in a land of non-reality. So innocent...if it sounds good to them, then why not! When and Why do we ever grow out of this??

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Chicken

I have never done a whole roast chicken before so the kids have never seen a whole chicken. The following is a picture story of our clucky adventure!

Ready to dig in! Yep gloves and all...I have to admit my stomach was turning a bit at the thought of digging in it's behind. Nathan's only help to me was getting me some gloves. Thanks hun!

"Are you sure about that mom?"

"Chicken?? Did someone say Chicken? I'm hungry!!""Hey, what is that?? I can't eat that!!!"

"We can't watch, this is going to be disgusting!" "This does not look good!"

"Oh mom, do you really have to?? I think I'm going to be sick"

"Yep I do....Here I go!!""Oh mom, the poor chicken!!"

"I can't watch!"

"Well maybe just a peek...."

"Am I going to have to eat that??"

A: "That was cool mom, let's do it again?"

J: "MMMMmmmm, when can I eat?"

Q: "Mom, I don't like it!"

And the best of all...the last comment by Quaid....

"Mom, when you cook that it will turn into real chicken, won't it?"

A natural already!! Yes!!!!!
Ava having a little reading time with Keira....she grabbed my Bible...good choice Ava!!!
It's been awhile so I thought I would post a few pics of Keira. I really love green eyes and so far she has them! She actually has a bit of orange tint to her hair too...we'll see how that grows out.
Ava is enamored with her little sister at the moment...always wanting to hold her and Keira quite enjoys the time as well.
Quaid actually took this picture......ssshhh don't tell Nathan I let the kids hold his camera!!!
And just for the record....yes she does cry!!! It never happens so I just had to get a pic of it!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I sadly have no picture to go along with this story. If i did have one, it would be AWESOME!! But as you continue to read, you'll know why!

I was outside raking the lawn and picking up piles of rocks (from the snowplow if you remember) this was day #2.

Nathan had previously had the 4-wheeler on the back of the truck along with the ramps to get it on and off the truck. The kids were climbing up and down the ramps and jumping in the back of the pickup.

Then...I hear a of those screeching ones that means that something is wrong...seriously wrong.

A: "Quick mom! Quaid needs you!!!"

The first thought through my head was..."Oh great, he fell through one of the spaces in the ramps and cracked his leg in half." After father like son.

I ran over there and got a good look at Quaid's position...and started to laugh. Yep that's right, I was laughing at my child that was screaming with a look of terror on his face. His arms were flailing around and his feet were kicking....

What's that??.....His arms and feet were both off the ground?? Yep that's right again! He was hanging upside down off the tailgate from his back pocket! It was hilarious!!!!

Now here's where I had to laugh at myself....While running to him in the first place it took me a few seconds to fully take in his position. When I realized that he was actually just fine I stopped dead in my tracks with the following monologue in my head...

Me1: "Quick go get the camera...what a picture!!"

Me2: "Don't you dare! Look at the look on your son's face."

Me1: "But I NEED it for the blog! What a story!"

Me2: "Go get him can't leave him like that! And what would everyone reading your blog think? They would obviously know that you left him there, ran and got the camera, and then proceeded to say, "Smile Quaid" while you took his picture!"

Me1: "Yeah you're right...."

I continued on towards Quaid. I was about 2 feet from him....yet again....

Me2: "Oh come on....What a shot...never again will you get such an will only take a second! He'll be okay."

So I take one step back towards the house...

Me1: "Seriously, look at your son's face. It's sheer terror! GO GET HIM!!!"

Like my title suggests...Me1 won.

So in order to give my "Me2" a chance, later on that evening the following:

Me: "Quaid, that was awesome the way you were hanging off the truck!"

Q: (with a sad, disturbed, confused look) "I didn't like it!"

Me: "It was the coolest...I loved it!!! Do you think we could hang you up there again so I can get a picture of it??"

Q: "No, I don't want to!"

Me: "Oh come on Quaid, it will be fun!!

Q: "No!"

So sorry, no picture. I bet you could imagine it though.

Later that evening I had a chuckle to myself. I actually had to talk myself out of walking away from my screaming son...TWICE!! And then asked if I could put him through the traumatic experience again!

There's still part of me that thinks it would have been totally worth it and Quaid would have forgiven me!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So my little girl Ava....well she' quite the girly girl when it comes to fashion. We've had more than one occasion that involves her crossing her little arms, sitting herself right down on the floor in a huff and whining...."It doesn't look good on me!!!" And then she changes into something more suitable.

The other day she was in my closet....

Ava: "Mom, I don't like this white shirt."

Me: "Why not?"

Ava: "It doesn't look good on you."

I think I've shared this before...(If I was a good blogger I would have put a label on it and would be able to easily look back...but I'm not so sorry)

So today, I was out raking the yard...ALL DAY. Note to self...and the family year we will find a different place other than the grass to put all the snow...unfortunately the rocks don't melt along with the snow so we ended up with half the driveway in our lawn. So I was on hour number 3 of raking...feeling a bit worn out...sore...sweaty...dirty...

From my beautiful girl, while casually sitting in the lawn resting....

Ava: "Mom, when you're done raking I want you to go in the house and change."

Me: "Why do I need to change?"

Ava: "I don't like you in those clothes, you don't look good in those clothes."

Thanks for the encouragement honey :) At least I know I'll always get an honest opinion!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

For all you wives and mothers out there who have sent your husband or kids somewhere to get something, only to find them coming back empty handed stating will full confidence, "It's not there, I looked" and then going yourself only to find the item in .001 seconds flat right where you said it was and told them to look...this is for you!!!

Easter Sunday....I had to work. It was okay because we were having dinner at my mom's so I wouldn't miss out on anything...and a bonus, since I was working, I didn't really have to bake anything. My job was to bring the rolls. I could totally handle I thought.....

I decided to get the Rhodes Bread Balls....I usually just get something that's pre-made and I just have to heat up...but I thought the rising bread balls sounded a little exotic for a Pahl family holiday (we're pretty simple people)....and it felt like I was somewhat baking.

The directions on the bag of rolls said to thaw and let rise for 3-5 hours before dinner, and take 40 minutes to bake. Since I was working it was Nathan's job to get things going. I put the pans out on the counter, along with the spray grease and saran wrap and wrote out the directions and set them right there....FOOL PROOF!!!

I got home from work...Nothing!! The rolls were there sitting in the pan exactly the same size as they started. What??? It was Easter Sunday...nothing open in Jordan...where was I going to get some rolls?? Well I wasn't, there were just going to be no rolls for Easter, not a big deal I guess.

He did call me at work earlier and ask if I wanted him to open up the other bag too. This was a total normal question....I had a half bag leftover from making cinnamon rolls awhile back...I said whatever fits in the pan. I assumed he used those.

When I got home he had done everything correctly. I thought maybe they were just old from being open in the freezer for awhile, or did not sit out long enough. I got the bag out of the freezer to look again at the directions to see if I had misread something. I found most of the bag still big deal because like I said, I had some leftover so I assumed those were used. So off to mom's we big deal. I was in a hurry. So when I got home I thought for sure they would have risen at least a little bit...I glanced quickly...nothing still...oh was late, I was tired, I will deal with them later.

So this morning I look at them again a little bit closer this time...Hhhhmmmm what is that?

Is that a white chocolate chip?!?!?!?

Yep that's right, Nathan had set out my cookie dough balls!!!! We had freezer cooking the day before and for my dessert I had made White chocolate chip, coconut, macadamia nut cookies.

So this morning I went upstairs as I was leaving for work:

Me: "I figured out the problem with the bread put out the cookie dough."

Nath: "Well you showed me the ziploc bag when you were telling me what to do with the rolls."

Me: "Really?"

I knew I didn't. I showed him the bread ball bag...but at 6:30am when he was still half asleep, and I was going to be late to work was really not the time to argue. I know this because I bagged up the cookies when Deb and Wayne were over...and i didn't set out the bread roll stuff till after they there was no way that I would have taken the cookies back out just for, I have redeemed myself of any wrong doing...(Although, I have a feeling someone in the Walkington house might still put up a fight to this air tight alibi....Love you honey :)

To Nathan's defense...the bags are quite similar in appearance, don't you think?? I understand how they could get mixed up :)

And speaking of those oh so yummy cookies...once again...check out our freezer blog. It's gotten a bit more sophisticated since I last mentioned it...Take a look again (and sign the guestbook so we feel loved and important :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

No More Toys!!!

So yesterday we finally followed through on a big threat that's been going around and around in the Walkington home.

The toy room was locked...with all the toys in it!! We've been having a few struggles with the cleaning up factor. The kids have obviously not been really into cleaning up after playing with their toys and usually when told to do so, they do a pretty good job...but not so much lately. So finally that was it...we gathered up all the toys from around the house and put them in the room, shut off the light, and locked the door.

I think the kids were a bit shocked that it was actually done as I have threatened it for about a week. Yes yes I know. Never say something unless you intend on following through. Well maybe a week late but I did it.

So I was working away on my current quilt project in the kitchen with the following thoughts...

"I wonder what they will do....there is nothing for them to play with....oh great...this might not be such a good idea...they are going to start with everything in the house they're not supposed to be doing....I'm still going to be getting after them...maybe even more...maybe I should just let them back no Karen, you said you were going to do strong!!

It all started with a couple of kitchen stools......they brought them in the other room. That was okay I guess...I'll let that one go. They were fairly quiet...ALWAYS a good time to go check on them. They had their stools all set up with pillows and blankets. "Look Mom! We're flying our rocketships!!"

On and on the day went...they did that for awhile, they sat at the kitchen counter watching me cut my quilt chatting to eachother..telling stories....they played with Keira, they did laundry...then they came hopping in my office in Nathan's work pants...Not sure what they were supposed to be but they all three had his pants pulled up to their necks, tripping over the pant legs...laughing hysterically!

I had to work in the evening...when i got home I asked Nathan how the kids were...Really Really Good he said. They had hung up all their coats, cleaned up the entry, took all the shoes matched them all up and lined them up in the closet...all without asking!

So at the end of the day...they all had a blast...they stayed busy all day...just being creative and pretending all sorts of things. It's so fun to see what their little minds imagine. Not once did I have to deal with someone running to me crying because someone took their toy.

Maybe we will have more days when the toyroom door is locked!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I bet that one made you think for a second!! What did you think I meant???

Our tomato plants of course!! Deb and I are attempting to have a garden this year. And why not start big?? So we are starting our tomatoes from seed. For all of you tomato plant buyers, this is how it's really done!!!

The size of our garden will be 50' x 40' at least. We've got in the plans: sweet corn, beans, peas, carrots, tomatoes. Grown in other spots: melons and watermelons (thanks dad for some stolen space in your pumpkin patch), and potatoes (in Deb's home garden plot). And at last but not least.....POPCORN. Yep that's right, we are going to grow some popcorn. So I've been told that it involves a little bit of work to actually get it to the point where we are actually able to pop the pop corn kernels....we're going to give it a go anyway.

I think the kids are going to be pretty excited to watch things growing and help at harvest time. Better train them in now on the weeding and tending to the maybe in a few years it's their job!! I can sit in the house sipping lemonade watching :) Yep, that was my child hood...working in the pumpkin patch sweating, getting eaten by mosquitoes and pulling weeds...the whole time swearing that I would never grow anything again, and I would never submit my kids to this kind of torture! seems to be different now that I'm on the mom side!!!

I'll keep you posted on the progress of our garden. Deb and I HAVE to work hard at this. We have such ideals in our minds and our husbands are...let's just say a little less optimistic with regards to our gardening capabilities....(aka, it's going to be one big dried out crusty weed patch with one bean and half of a corn stock.) So to avoid the, "I told you so" we are determined!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009



Thursday, April 2, 2009

We were watching Ice Age 2 the other night...which actually we won't be doing again...I love the first one, have seen the 2nd but didn't really remember it.

On a side's funny how your perspective changes when viewing or hearing things with little children. Things that fly right by our adult polluted ears and minds are now brought back to awareness shining a "3year old" light on them. A fun kids movie I thought not so much....We will be getting rid of that one! And for that matter...if it's not teaching them something good then what's the point. I really try to have a purpose with my kids and the things they do...not just mindless ramblings of nothing.

Anyways, there was a scene with all the animals walking...

Ava: "What are they doing mom?"

Me: "They are migrating." (a new word for my little learner)

Ava: "What?"

Me: "When animals move to another home it's called, migrate"

(total silence for a few moments)

Ava: "No it's not mom."

Me: "Yes it is Ava, it is called migrate when animals move."

Ava: "No it isn't"

Me: "Ava...."(with that don't argue with me or stop being silly look)

(a few more moments of silence)

Ava: (In her most serious, confident, know-it-all look) "It's not YOUR "grate" mom, it's THEIR "grate." They are walking, it's their "grate."

Get it??? My- grate!!! Yeah I had a bit of a laugh at that one.