Friday, September 30, 2011

Deb and I were having a conversation yesterday. Well, pretty much we have one every day because if we miss a day we feel as if we're totally and completely lost and separated from each other and how on earth will we be able to catch up on all that was missed!

If you don't have a friend like that, you need to find one!

Anyway, or anyways if you're feeling a bit grammatically naughty....we were discussing how I was doing such a poor job on the blog...and how awesome she was doing. As I've said before at least 46 times...the picture thing. It stops me in my tracks. I feel like a blog without pictures is boring. I feel like the story won't have near the effect if there's no pictures to match it. So if I'm not going to take the time to put some pictures on it....I shouldn't even bother.

I had forgotten who this blog was really for. It's for my kids. So they have something to look back on when they're adults. In case they forget the little things that happened to us as a family. When I think back, I can picture them in my head...numerous "photos" of my childhood, but I can't remember every story, every funny thing we said or did.

My stories will trigger memories for my kids...I think they will remember what it looked like...and if they can't, then they will be able to imagine it....but without my story, all will be lost. So when something happens in our house, something I want to remember forever, something my grand kids will want to read and make fun of their parents for, something that my kids shared together. I'm going to try to get it down, as short or long as it is...picture or no picture.

We have pictures...scads and scads of pictures that they will always have to remember. Just because they're not on this blog, does not mean we don't have them.

I'm busy...I know, we are all busy. I'm finding as this school year is starting up, I don't have near the time I had last year. Somehow schooling just one more child has added hours to my day. Not to mention that I'm now hand washing dishes because our dishwasher broke. I've been wanting a pair of Uggs for awhile now...not necessarily for the fashion statement as I think plain Uggs are actually sort of disgusting looking. It's for the feet freeze all winter long. I've changed the style I've wanted yearly...and I've finally found the exact ones I want that actually aren't quite as fashionably challenged as the Original Uggs. So if it's between fixing the dishwasher and getting my Uggs....I'm gettin' those darn boots!! Which are actually more expensive than fixing my dishwasher believe it or not! So all that to say that I don't have time...or I should say, I CHOOSE not to have time to take the pics, download them, attach them, get them just in the right spot in my story. But take 2 minutes to jot down a funny story or something....that I have time for!

Choose...isn't that a powerful word...I try to teach my kids every day that every thing they choose has a consequence...and no one or nothing can affect their ability to choose...there is ALWAYS a choice, and no one or nothing can be blamed for any of those consequences.

So for the short or long or no pictured blog...I apologize to the rest of you....but my kids will not think it's boring...they will love it and that's why I do it! So on I trudge...creating a journal of our family doing life together!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Can I still use the "They must be teething" excuse on a 5, 6, and 7 year old???

Friday, September 9, 2011

Just a little glimpse into a beautiful day at the Walkingtons...

Keira: (while looking into the dish that had french toast mix in it) "Is that puke?"

Me: "What??" (repulsed that anything in my kitchen could be confused with the look of puke!!)

Keira: "Are we having puke for breakfast?"


Me: "So did you guys have a good class (martial arts) last night?"

Quaid: "Yeah it was great!!!"

Me: "What did you learn?"

Ava: "The two handed neck choke!!"

Remember that part about how I wondered how my kids got mixed up in this? Yeah....still wondering...

Then later on the day....
I was putting on a pair of my favorite shoes that I purchased just before Quaid was born. Quaid is 7 now. So a bit "out of fashion"...perhaps. I don't really care, I just love them. They're obvisously a bit broken in, the inside lining is half falling out, the toes are all scuffed. I've had them in the garbage pile a few times and they've came back out every time. I just can't part with them. I'm not a sentimental type, but they have memories. We all have that pair, or shirt, or jacket...right??

And then...

A: "Ugghhh Mom! You're not wearing those shoes are you?? Those are your worst shoes!"

Me: "What's wrong with them??"

A: "I just don't like them at all, they look terrible, you shouldn't wear them."

Me: " I like them. I'm wearing them."

A: "Okaaayyyy, but they're your worst shoes."

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My kids are taking a Mixed Martial Arts class. It's like UFC...have you seen that? I have and I think it's completely how my kids ended up in the same training, I'll never know. I did however tell Nathan, that my little boys will NEVER compete like that. No mama could stand to watch someone do that to their little boy, nor would I let my little boy do that to some other mama's little boy. My boys may know all the skills, but they'll never be allowed to actually use them. Except in a dark alley, at night, in the pouring rain, when someone is trying to take their wallet. Or I guess if one of my daughter's feels someone of the opposite sex has done them wrong...then look out...the brothers will be unleashed.

We had originally planned to enroll only Jentzen. We thought he would LOVE it as he loves to punch, kick, and pretend he's a fighter. He would be able to get a bit of that out in a controlled environment.

After practicing a bit with Jentzen during his introductory class, Quaid was hooked as well. Nathan has always said he wants our girls to be able to take care of themselves, so in goes Ava.

We figured if we're already bringing one, might as well bring them all. They are all in the same class as the same time. That sure beats running to 3 different things at 3 different times. They have a family plan...sort of like a wireless company. Add another line for only $9.95...turns out we added a line for Nathan as well...he's going to get in a bit of the action and take a few classes himself. He's a huge UFC fan. So much that we walked about 17 miles thru Vegas becuase we were too cheap to take a taxi to get to a hotel and stalked the fighters for their pictures while they were just trying to buy some chocolate. That's for another day.

They are LOVING much as I love a good cheesecake. There is nothing cuter than a 5 year old little fist coming at you with a, "Jab! Cross! Jab! Cross!" Surprisingly they seem to actually somewhat know what they're doing after only a few classes.

Of course I have to give a shout out to their great teacher. I used to work with his wife at St Francis and she's great so I thought he must be too! We went to check out his place first. He has similar family values and opinions about life, and what he teaches. We feel awesome about having our kids fight with him :)

And don't forget about Keira. She stands on the sidelines and trys to mimic every move they make. She can throw her own little jab, cross, and sweep kick. When she turns 5, she'll get her own line too. Good thing is I don't have to teach her left and right...."Keira, it's the jab side!"