Monday, May 31, 2010

Camping or No?

We were at our cabin this weekend for Memorial Day. It was beautiful and we had tons of fun swimming, boating, eating, and of course, playing some cards.

Sorry those are the best pics we got...didn't take the camera out...just Nathan and his phone. I know you're all jealous of those legs :)

Upon return I of course had 3 days to catch up on. They were camping this weekend in a town nearby their home, Victoria. Here's the conversation:

K: So did you have a good time camping?

D: Yeah it was great!

K: Did you come home at all?

D: We just buzzed home twice to take showers and charge our iPad.

Votes for real camping: 0

Votes for not even close: 2

Who's with me??

They are also the ones who camp like this...
Yes, that is an Air Conditioning Unit that is red-neckly attached to the end of their pop-up. It was a little warm that they say....

And I also happened upon another old picture that reminded what they do for fun in the winter...

See the red snow plow at the right...that's the road. DD and RW's car, NOT on the road. See that pole behind RW? That's a stop sign. Good driving I'd say, right around the sign...she's got skills.

And for the sake of you asking, Deb was driving, hence the smirky, satisfied look on RW's face that he just gained a lifetime of jokes, embarrasing in public, and taunting material.

What did you do for Memorial Day?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Turns out that going to the beach when it's 98 and sunny for 3 hours right during nap time sort of tires them out...who knew??

The poor thing I could hardly wake her up! You know when a kid is sleeping and you lift their arm up as high as it can go and then let go and it goes smacking down like a noodle and they don't even budge...yeah that was her.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Unknown...

A: (running into my office from downstairs) "Mom, we're just going to pretend like nothing happened."

J: "Yeah, nothing happened."

Enter: Keira screaming as loud as she can.

Some things I will never know.

PS...Garlic breath from dinner the night before out of an 18 month old mouth is really disgusting and almost nauseating.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Intro: my mom was telling Ava that she was going to a funeral...

A: "Grandma's going to a funeral, they're going to bury someone."

J: "What about heaven?"

A: "They're just going to bury the body, the head's going to heaven."

Intro: Me telling Keira she's trouble for being a relentless climber, while earlier that day we were taking pictures of stuff to sell on craigslist.

A: "We could just sell her."

Me: "Sell her! Who would we sell her to?"

A: "Rich and Laura, they would like her."

Friday, May 14, 2010

Quaid is 6 today. 6. Six. That means he's closer to double digits than single. Scary. This seems to be the first year that it really registers that it's his birthday, that it's his special day. He's been counting down the days all week. "I just can't wait till it's my birthday!" I've been hearing it all week. We're not big on presents around here, more into creating we've been racking our brains trying to figure out what to do for him. Of course, Daddy came through and is taking him here. Jordan is hosting a motocross event and just the two of them are going. He's going to love it...better than any present he could get. But's a surprise.

And just in case I need to remember how things used to be...

Quaid is a softie through and through. He truly cares about others and has a tender heart. He spends most of his inside time drawing. He loves throwing any sort of ball outside and of course...the dirtbike. He's helpful around the house and loves being the big brother who can help everyone else. I could go on and on in a mom sort of way...but I'll just go with, Quaid this house wouldn't be the same without you...WE LOVE YOU!!

Pics to come later...with cupcakes :)

Monday, May 10, 2010


or should I say "nuthink." Either way...that's what I have right now. No news, no funny stories, nothin'.

It was Mother's Day yesterday. I worked and went grocery shopping. We did however have Chinese with my parents...I always love that, one of my favorite meals. It was the highlight. And oh yeah, the cafeteria came by and gave all the moms little cheesecakes, again my favorite dessert, with some yummy fruit. That was good. Both my highlights are food related, not sure what that means.

I heard that people like blogs with pictures...since I have nothing I thought I would dig around to see what I could find. There's a folder called "Nathan's Weird Pics" ( I titled that one) This is what I found...Viewer discretion advised, hide your small children, they may have nightmares. Although he looks sort of nice in this picture...maybe this one you should sheild the eyes of the young
Yep, that one...he looks a little more....ummm..."troubled" don't you think?

Okay, that was just weird. I guess I really am off on a tangent today hey? Don't ask.

This however is my 193rd post...Big 'ole two-hundo is coming soon. Should I do something special? Any ideas? Any topic suggestions?

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Why is my washing machine full of toys? I'm not really sure, I don't know who did it, and I'm not even going to try to figure it's Saturday. It's my day off...if there was such a thing that is.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jentzen: "Mom??? Can I have nothing*?"

I love questions that bring about an answer of YES!! And require no thought about what saying "Yes" actually means.

*actually pronounced "nu-think." It's how they say it in Australian. I'm not sure if Nathan even notices that's how he says it, but he does. And ALL the children have picked that up from him. Chalk that one up to our "Ozmerican Life."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

True Story.

Quaid was working on his school this morning. I start the kids out reading when they're even though Quaid's in Kindergarten, his Phonics is 1st grade. That is a VERY important fact for the rest of the story...Just thought I maybe needed to prove it...for myself that is.

His assignment was to read a word....and underline the root word.
Then he had to write the root word on the line...

Not too I thought. I love how Quaid likes to make his little "a's" like that :)

And yes I know...the pictures are a little fuzzy. I despise cameras and the dumb thing wouldn't take my picture zoomed all the way in...kept blinking green lights at I just kept on turning the little dial one spot at a time until it actually shot for me. How does it know if it's actually in focus or not. Seriously. Irritating. So cut me some slack.

Oops, how'd that get in there...see I told you I'm challenged when it comes to the picture thing. Seems that we had a white bird outside our house. I'm not sure how that fits...but just go with it.

So here's where the problem came in...

"axes" I saw it coming and I stared and stared at it. Is the root just "ax" and add "es" or is it "axe" and just add the "s". I went back and forth...both ways didn't seem quite right...or was it both ways did seem right? So Quaid got to this one and looked at me a little puzzled..."so it's "axe" for the root and "s" is the ending?"

I had no idea.

"Sure" I said. Problem solved.

As I thought about it more this morning. I do think it's "ax" and I think this

is where I went terribly wrong. I stare at this in my shower daily. Okay, for those of you who really know me, not daily. I supposed more bi-daily. I stare at it with a small piece of resentment of its odoriferous (don't worry, I spell checked that one, it's right) content.

If your husband ever says, "Hey honey, I'm thinking about getting some "man wash," how 'bout I try some AXE."


Unless you would like to fumigate your whole house...really, the WHOLE house!

Anyway, at least it was 1st grade and not Kindergarten Phonics...right?? See I told you that was an important fact!

At least my kids will always be able to say, "Sorry, I was home schooled."

Monday, May 3, 2010

I am currently sitting at my computer reading other blogs for my afternoon calmness before the dinner madness that's soon approaching...

All 4 kids are screaming at the top of their lungs...

Should I Move...I think not...just keep will go away right??

Yep, good decision. It did :)