Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Keira:  "Mom are you thinking about God?"

Me:  (not being at all sure about what I was just thinking as it probably skipped to 10 different things in the last 10 seconds, being sure that God was one of them)  "Yep."

Keira:  "Me too.  I'm thinking about loving him, and hugging him, and kissing him.  I just love him so much."

Earlier in the day while Keira was having a meltdown about something...I picked her up and give her  a big hug and kiss to clear the tears...

Me:  "I love you so much, Keira."

Keira:  (while trying to get her sobs under control)  "You.....(sniff, sniff, sniff) You should love God more."

Me:  "Yes Keira, I do."

Keira:  (sob, sob, sob)  "Good."


Nathan said...

forget what?? how to spell? ;)

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